Remote (Cape Town)

We are looking for Full-stack Software Engineers to join our Product & Tech Team in building great tools for the travel tech industry.
Our client is an established technology company in Africa and building a suite of SaaS online distribution tools for Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Marketers, Property Owners and Hotel Groups internationally.

This role might be for you if:
• You enjoy working remotely and collaborating in person from time to time
• You’re empathetic to users and can easily put yourself in their shoes.
• You love solving problems and enjoy a broad range of challenges.
• You can plan and execute multiple projects simultaneously, and in an organized fashion.
• You have a passion for code and take pride in your work.
• You are constantly adding new skills to your arsenal, both front-end, back-end and all the weird in between stuff. You relish evolving your skill set to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape to ensure your career stays on track.
• You’re level-headed and cool under pressure. When things change, you know how to roll with the punches.
• You are not a lone wolf. You enjoy being part of a wider team and relying on the team’s expertise as a product grows and becomes more complicated. You are excited to help others succeed.
• Basically, you will blow us away with your work ethic, your attitude, and your energy!

You’re good at:
• Developing web applications using ReactJS
• Developing web applications using .NET Core
• Working with MS SQL, Azure and Cosmos DB
• “Owning” a feature and contributing to design and development discussions
• Continually staying updated with new technology
• Project execution & delivery
• Working independently, as well as being a team player
The technology stack is built on Azure, React, SQL Server, RavenDB, IIS 7.5, ASP.NET Core, C#, jQuery and SCSS.

Extra Awesome would be:
• Your 2-6 years of solid web development experience in a similar role (preferably in the travel tech industry)
• Your experience coding at all levels of a web-app stack from the front-end JavaScript all the way down to the database
• Your ability to switch between the front-and-back end and take control of the whole stack, rather than solely understanding one section

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