The Role: The job at its core involves quantitative advanced analytics models that answer audit questions and/or discover opportunities for increased risk identification.


  • Responsible for the implementation of the design, testing, maintenance and administration of data analytical solutions i.e. Qlik and PowerBi. This includes, but is not limited to, platform configuration, reporting and database development, documentation of operating instructions, guides for users and training programs.
  • Understanding of the audit problems that need to be solved with the solution within Data and Analytics. This includes producing detailed specifications with the assistance of peers and management.
  • Develop advanced analytics based on complex risk analysis.
  • Identify data sources.
  • Gain access to and integrate data sources into a common cloud-based audit solution.
  • Software development, testing and implementation where requested i.e. development of RPA Coding and testing the solution based on the architecture designed by project seniors.

Skills and Experience: Qualification Required:

  • Matric/ Grade 12
  • Post Graduate Degree in Math or Statistics

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