Cash in Transit company in Gauteng is looking a Senior Project Manager with 10+ years experience as a project/programme manager. This is a permanent position
Top 3 outcomes of the role
1. Rapid / agile delivery of projects, with necessary governance in place
2. Informed stakeholders with high buy-in
3. Visibility / accountability of project progress

Key Accountabilities
1. Perform role of people leader to embed the values and culture of the client
2 .Deliver a value proposition to customers and internal team that adds strategic value to the organisation
3. Effectively manage delivery risk to ensure optimal delivery within the agreed risk appetite
4. Manage the daily delivery of projects in accordance with project objectives and delivery scope
5 .Manage financial resources

Knowledge & Skills
1. Solid understanding of IT lifecycle
2. Excellent technical literacy and skills
3. Above average knowledge & skills of technical implementations
4. Agile project management skills
5. Value conversations (Business case)

Ability to influence and negotiate with senior stakeholders.
Develop trust of all stakeholders, including CIO.
Excellent people skills.
Ability to build good relationships.
Responsiveness & adaptability.
Ability to read circumstances rapidly.
Negotiation skills.
Problem solving attitude.
Ability to deal with very senior stakeholders.
Ability to take initiative, and not wait for instructions.
Have influencial power, not positional power.
Assume natural accountability.
“Facilitator of Value not Process”
Self-starter, taking initiative, Time is money / urgent

Desired Skills:

  • Rapid / agile delivery of projects
  • Informed stakeholders with high buy-in
  • Visibility / accountability
  • Manage the daily delivery of projects

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