• Produce and process analysis.
• Compile and submit enterprise-wide performance scorecard analysis reports on a regular basis. This is aimed at the monthly, quarterly, and annual monitoring and reporting of performance against predetermined objectives.
• Provide project analysis reports and proposal documents on identified projects as delegated from time to time, including drafting of project plans and the implementation of identified Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) related projects.
• Develop and submit proposal documents on policies, processes, and procedures on prioritised aspects of that integrate organisational budgeting, reporting and strategy.
• Standardise and optimise the PME’s two process areas: In-year monitoring and reporting; and End-year reporting and evaluation. Where required, provide input to the PME Unit’s other processes: Strategic and annual performance planning, and Strategic analysis of the external and internal business environment.
• Support the PME Head on general management aspects as delegated from time to time, including follow-up on internal and external audit findings at enterprise-wide level. This includes fulfilment of a team management role as delegated from time to time within PME-led projects and task-teams.
• Fulfil PME business partner role to other FIC units as delegated from time to time


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in a commercial or scientific field, preferably with majors in accounting, mathematical, statistical or courses of a quantitative nature
• 5-7 experience in conducting analysis of strategic and operational aspects of a business environment
• Ability to conduct business process and project analysis, including process mapping, project planning, performance measurement and report-writing
• Working knowledge of applicable frameworks for strategic planning, budgeting, performance monitoring and reporting
• Extensive experience in the creation and use of documents through spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and related computer tools

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