As a Scrum Master, you’ll help your team to produce high-quality software in an iterative and agile manner. You will work closely with the development team to ensure that they have everything they need to deliver their product on time and within budget. You will be responsible for ensuring that everyone understands the project’s scope, manages risks and works together effectively as a team. In addition, you will also be tasked with facilitating scrum meetings (daily standup) so that teams can discuss progress of each sprint in order to make sure projects are progressing well.


  • To facilitate the Client’s projects to successful implementation of Agile as defined by the client’s Agile Centre of Excellence (ACE)
  • Focus on continuous improvement by providing support and partnering with Agile Transformational teams.
  • Support and partner with Agile Transformational teams within the client Group technology structure (Application Development and Maintenance,Project Management,Agile CoE,Human Resource, etc) to promote collaboration and ensure consistent application of Lean and Agile best practices.

Requirements and Certifications:

  • Project Management experience.
  • Scrum Master certification and practical scrum master experience.

  • SAFe certification and experience.

Desired Skills:

  • Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Safe
  • Agile
  • Application Development

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