Key Purpose
A Mid-Level Test Automation Engineer has solid coding and testing skills and possesses the ability to automate tests in addition to expanding existing automation framework to provide support for new tests.
The candidate must have the ability to add supporting classes and functions for new pages, components, or services.
The candidate must have a solid understanding of the various Software Testing methods, knowing where, when, and how to apply them. This individual should be able to perform full system testing on all system changes, enhancements, and new system releases. Defects detected can be accurately and timeously log the defect.
This individual needs to be self-motivated and passionate about Software Test Automation. Feeding into this core behavior is the need to stay up to date on new testing tools and strategies to ultimately improve the quality of the Software products developed by SAHL IT.
Key Responsibilities:

Provide strategy, support, and mentorship to more junior team members.
Troubleshoot production issues to assist in determining the origin of the defect.
Obtain an understanding of the business requirements and specifications for the system under test.
Monitor test environments to facilitate continuous testing.
Set up test environments and assist DevOps in understanding requirements for test environments.
Add tests or update existing tests within a test automation framework.
Update a test suite by adding supporting classes and functions for new pages, components, or
Write advanced SQL statements and stored procedures that support a test automation framework.
Report and document system defects using an appropriate tracking tool.
Create test packs and develop procedures to be followed during the testing process.
Execute automation tests, review the results, and report the results to the relevant stakeholders.
Aligned to values and self-development
Aligns personal values to the company’s culture and values. Takes responsibility for personal development and career pathing.
Subscribes to the company’s code of ethics.
Behaves in a manner that enhances the reputation and brand of the department and the company.
Complies with all legislation governing the organization.
Supports and encourages the Amazing Service culture.

Minimum Requirements
A BSc Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, a BCom Business Information Systems (BIS)
Degree, or a very high-quality Technikon Diploma
Salesforce Certifications are an advantage
7+ years experience in Software Test Automation. Preferred frameworks include Selenium, WDIO,
Playwright and Cypress.
Solid working knowledge of and experience in MS SQL, C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Technical Competencies:
A solid understanding of the various Software Testing methods, knowing where, when, and how to
apply them.
Test Driven Development (TDD)/BDD experience is a bonus.
Experience in Salesforce testing is a bonus.
Solid working knowledge of relational databases, SQL, C#, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Ability to effectively communicate technical issues in laymens terms to customers
Self-Motivated problem solver who is dogged in the pursuit of software excellence.
Generic Competencies:
Attention to detail
Adequate communications skills
Tolerance to change
Accountability and ownership
Ability to work within a team and as an individual
Comply with project management protocol
Enthusiastic interest in IT technology – live and breathe technology
Sense of humor
Ability to work under pressure
Good time management and Stress resilience

Desired Skills:

  • IT
  • Test automation
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • C#
  • HTML
  • C
  • Computer Skils

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

My client who specializes in Home Financing Solutions, based in Durban is looking to employ a Mid-Level Test Automation Engineer

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