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Editor’s update


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In the wake of the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, new research has emerged examining why the late Steve Jobs was a charismatic leader. It looks at how he delivered expertly tailored rhetoric, using effective and persuasive speaking strategies to adapt to differing scenarios and situations. Jobs delivered a consistent set of messages or themes across the different scenarios about his company’s products, future journey and exceptional people, which resulted in him becoming an icon of technology.

Windows made headlines this week with the announcement of Windows 10 – hailed as “not another iteration of Windows”. As a result, there will be no Windows 9 as the company seeks to divorce the new Windows 10 from previous versions of the operating system. Also this week, Microsoft honoured local partners at a gala dinner in Sandton. Intervate scooped six awards on the night.

And finally, Cape Town is enjoying a boom in tech start-ups, due to the fact that the city offers access to a highly developed ecosystem in the ICT environment, which encompasses talent, access to risk capital, infrastructure, support and mentorship.

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