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Editor’s update


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This week a team of scientists, headed by Professor Alexander Holleitner of the Technische Universität München (TUM), made headlines by using nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamonds to construct vital components for quantum computers.

Meanwhile, changes in the workforce mean that companies will have to rethink the way they view their employees, as work really is no longer the place that people go to, but rather the function that they perform. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects are notoriously complex – and companies that start out with realistic expectations based on a sound business case, scoping, planning and execution can accelerate their return on investment (ROI).

And finally, the Mandela School of Science & Technology in the Eastern Cape has concluded a successful first year: 420 learners in Grades 8 to 10 started classes at the school in January 2014. The young people of Mvezo were able to attend secondary school close to home for the first time, and specialise in the skills South Africa needs most, including science, engineering, technology and agriculture.

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