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Editor’s roundup


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Revelations that as many as 11-million diesel vehicles may have been fitted with software designed to deceive emissions testers have dealt a hammer blow not just to Volkswagen’s reputation but potentially to the entire German nation brand, according to brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

Meanwhile, Peter Brooks, author of the book “Adopting Service Governance”, says that, to remain relevant in a changing world, service governance professionals need to optimise the value they offer, increasing value while lowering costs – in fact, effectively implementing ITIL. People often ask why it’s important to have service governance in the first place,” says Brooks. “I bet Volkswagen didn’t ask someone to cheat on their emissions tests – but it happened.”

On the local front, Cell C will launch WiFi calling to its full customer base on 1 October. “With thousands of WiFi hotspots nationally and millions more internationally, this service will really provide customers with an affordable mobile service anywhere in the world,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.

Proving that sustainability is good business, Master Power Technologies (MPT) has put in a R475 000 solar panel installation at its head office in Randburg, which will save is about R9 500.00 per month in electricity costs.

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