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Editor’s update


Dear reader

The Orlando Pirates Learning Centre, supported by Acer for Education, celebrated its second birthday this week with the news that more dynamic opportunities for learners to connect with their peers around the world are being explored. The centre has helped 1 500 school children between Grade 6 and Grade 12 improve their marks in the important subjects of maths and English.

A global survey this week highlighted the fact that nearly a third of users are still careless when making online transactions, putting their own cash at risk – and also posing problems for banks and e-payment systems if they have to refund their clients’ losses. Free hotspots are also increasingly used to steal information, and in the past year there has been an increase in the misuse of WiFi in order to steal data, passwords and money from the users who use public or unsecured WiFi connections.

And finally, as the world becomes digital, South Africa’s major metropolises have followed suit in the quest to become smart cities. The national ICT spend has been increasing annually as the metros strive to become “the smartest city in South Africa”.

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