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IBM made headlines this week with the announcement of a R700-million investment in a new laboratory in Johannesburg. The new lab, which will open in April 2015, will focus on advancing big data, cloud and mobile technologies to support South Africa’s national priorities, drive skills development and foster innovation-based economic growth.

The results of CareerJunction’s 2014 annual job review were announced this week. They found that IT saw an increase of 37% in job openings during 2014, making IT the job to have. Also this week was the announcement from IDC that tablet sales have recorded their first decline since the inception of the market in 2010.

And finally, a researcher from the Univeristy of Johannesburg has warned about toxic leadership in organisations in South Africa. If this continues, it will endanger people’s and organisations’ wellbeing, performance and success in the country, both now and in the future.

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