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Editor’s update


Dear reader

An IBM study made news this week as it revealed that the commonly held beliefs about Millennials are wrong: they are not lazy, entitled, selfish or shallow; instead, they are more digitally proficient as a result of growing up immersed in a digital world. In fact, Millennials have many of the same goals, aspirations and attitudes as Gen X and Baby Boomer employees.

Also making headlines this week is the so-called “Spy Cables”, which cover the period from 2006 to December 2014. They include briefings and analyses written by South African State Security Agency operatives. Al Jazeera has published details from hundreds of secret intelligence documents gained through a “digital leak”. The details of this leak are unclear, but it appears that centralisation of data sources, as well as poor process control, could have contributed to the exposure of the documents.

And finally, 2015 has been hailed as the year of customer obsession. For a business to be successful, it will have to harness new strategies and technologies to ensure that customer expectations are met and exceeded.

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