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The Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the world’s largest radio telescope, is moving forward to its final pre-construction phase. The international project, currently consisting of 11 nations, has been engaged over the last 20 months in a rigorous and extremely challenging, science-driven engineering process with teams from around the world working to refine the design of SKA1.

Eskom made headlines this week as it announced that it had suspended four of its top executives and launched an inquiry into the current state of its business. The inquiry will seek clarity on: the poor performance of generation plant; delays in bringing the new generation plant on-stream; the high costs of primary energy; and cash flow challenges. Meanwhile, the rand has fallen to a new 13-year low against the dollar, which will put strain on imports. South Africa’s main imports include fuel (24% of total imports), nuclear reactors and machinery.

And finally, Pinnacle Holdings has announced the appointment of Pierre Spies as deputy CEO. He will assume the CEO position when incumbent Arnold Fourie retires. The move, effective from 1 July 2015, will leave Spies’ previous position of CEO of AxizWorkgroup vacant.

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