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A meteor strike on the surface of the moon made headlines this week after an object the size of a small boulder hit the surface in Mare Imbrium and exploded in a flash of light nearly 10 times as bright as anything ever recorded before. NASA recorded the event at the Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville.

Also in the news this week are two locally-developed apps. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants partnered with youth specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, to develop a series of university activations specifically aimed at bridging the gap between Accounting Sciences students, and students studying to qualify as prospective CAs(SA). Meanwhile, Digital Peppa, the incubators of the popular Lobola Calculator app, introduced a version upgrade. The first version of the Lobola Calculator app was launched in October 2014 and attracted over 74 000 downloads within the first four months.

And finally, Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer is partnering with Google and Intel to produce a smartwatch that will merge the innovation, creativity and design of Silicon Valley with that of the Watch Valley in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

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