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Smart cities are seeing rapid growth around the world, fuelled by governments’ need to address the increasing challenges of service delivery. Key to the success of the smart city are smart devices, with the most prolific being the smartphone. IDC figures released this week indicate that Chinese vendors are dominating the market with affordable devices, as global manufacturers shipped a record-breaking 295,3-million units.

The discovery of early stone age tools, believed to be almost a million years old, at a dig site in Kathu has put local archaeologists on the map. Meanwhile, NASA’s astronomers have unexpectedly discovered the most distant galaxy to act as a cosmic magnifying glass, showing how the galaxy looked 9,6-billion years ago.

Finally, local entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani received international recognition this week when he was nominated for The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) programme. Rani’s contributions have helped prevent the digital age from passing the community of Khayelitsha by.

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