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The deep Web made headlines this week in light of the Memex program, developed by Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which aims to access and catalogue this mysterious online world. The Internet contains a vast trove of information that isn’t indexed by search engines: information that would be useful for tracking criminals, terrorist activities, sex trafficking and the spread of diseases. Scientists could also use it to search for images and data from spacecraft.

Also in the news this week, Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting, has said that one of the greatest challenges facing businesses of all types and sizes today is the need to maximise engagement with customers and grow revenues while lowering the costs associated with delivering an outstanding customer experience. The use of customer analytics is key to enhancing engagement and loyalty. Meanwhile, Zomato is expanding their app’s functionality by offering South Africans whatever they’re craving from thousands of local restaurants, directly from the restaurant’s listing. Online ordering has been identified as a key vertical for the company, and Zomato has added a number of services to its platform, extending their offering beyond just restaurant search and discovery.

And finally, Stafford Masie, who formerly headed up Google Africa and started Google’s South African presence, has said that South Africa’s pessimism is misguided. Although the country faces unique social challenges as a result of Apartheid, our military background and previous sanctions has given us distinct technological advantages which can be leveraged as the world moves deeper into the digital age.

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