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Johannesburg was in the headlines this week as the city announced a programme that aims to advance skills development among graduate students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The programme, in a partnership between SAP, Simplon and the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, focuses on teaching young people Web programming and entrepreneurship. The project will ultimately tie up with similar initiatives to make Johannesburg a smarter and more innovative city. The programme could ultimately link up with Wits University’s Tshomolong Precinct in Braamfontein to form a digital corridor and exchange resources.

Also in the news this week, Statistics SA’s report, National and provincial labour market: Youth – Q1: 2008 – Q1: 2015, has revealed that unemployment across the board in South Africa is increasing. Youth aged 15 to 34 have borne the brunt of the global economic crisis and the subsequent sluggish employment recovery, with a higher unemployment rate than adults. The unemployment rate among youth rose from 32,7% in 2008 to 36,1% in 2011, and has remained between 35% and 37% every year. Meanwhile, South Africa’s consumers are struggling to keep up financially with the lifestyle that they are buying into. The latest information on consumers’ credit behaviour, released by credit bureau Compuscan, reveals that in many cases, there has been a quarter-on-quarter increase in the number of accounts with adverse enforcement status codes (which indicate that accounts have been handed over, assets have been repossessed, accounts have been written off or facilities/credit cards have been revoked as a result of non-payment).

And finally, the individual 2014/15 tax-filing season has begun. All returns must be completed by the end of November. Read tax expert Ettiene Retief’s tips for a trouble-free filing season below.

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