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The dwarf planet Pluto was in the headlines this week as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made its first ever fly-by of the body. New Horizons sent a number of images back to earth, including a new close-up image of an equatorial region near the base of Pluto’s bright heart-shaped feature, which shows a mountain range with peaks jutting as high as 3 500m above the surface of the icy body. The mountains on Pluto likely formed no more than 100-million years ago – mere youngsters in a 4,56-billion-year-old solar system. This suggests the close-up region, which covers about 1% of Pluto’s surface, may still be geologically active today.

Also in the headlines this week was the news that new MTN South Africa CEO, Mteto Nyati, announced that the company and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) had come to an agreement to end the strike immediately. Nyati apologised for the inconvenience that MTN customers suffered during the period of the strike, and thanked them for their patience and loyalty. Meanwhile, Telkom filed an application at the North Gauteng High Court to set aside Icasa’s (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s) decision of 2 July that has given the regulatory go-ahead for the transfer of Neotel licenses to Vodacom. Telkom believes that the regulator has not taken into account a number of key considerations when granting regulatory approval for the transaction.

And finally, South Africans have revealed that they are satisfied with their cell phones. According to the latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index, Apple, Nokia and Samsung set the benchmark with scores of 82.7, 78.9 and 78.8 respectively, with Nokia and Samsung’s scores very close to one another. Blackberry scored below par at 70.6, despite improving its scores since last year.

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