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A poll of over 27 000 Gauteng residents has shown that the province has a high level of income and low levels of inequality. The Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) Quality of Life Survey (QoL) 2013 asked participants questions on government, service delivery, education, xenophobia and e-tolls. Of those surveyed, 80% said that they would not change their routes due to Sanral’s controversial tolling system. In fact, public sentiment has prompted the Advisory Panel on Socio-economic Impact of E-tolls to meet with stakeholders later this month to revisit implementation of the tolls.

Also this week, users were unable to access sites such as eBay, Amazon, Autotrader and LinkedIn after they crashed due to overflowing numbers of Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses. Meanwhile, a vulnerability in PayPal’s authentication methods, discovered two months ago by a security expert, has remained unfixed despite the danger it poses to users’ data.

And finally, a survey has found that senior citizens who use technology to keep in touch with people and the world around them have a better quality of life – proving that technology is no longer the preserve of the young.

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