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A recent survey has indicated that up to 89% of the workforce wastes time when at work – and of those, 4% waste almost half a work day on non-work related tasks. Yet, despite this, it would appear that the workforce is changing the face of the workplace. Citrix believes that employees will drive the future workplace experience – and the technology they use will enable a creative revolution.

Pinnacle is “considering its legal position” in relation to the bribery charges that were brought against its executive director Takalani Tshivhase, due to the negative impact they had on the company’s  year-end results, which were released on Friday. Meanwhile, Standard Bank this week experienced system outages which affected ATM functionality, debit and credit card purchases, Internet banking, and telephone and app services.

Finally, members of 4chan have hacked into celebrities’ iCloud accounts and leaked a number of their nude photos and videos. And, while Apple has promised to increase security measures, this incident just goes to show that no one is immune to cybercrime.

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