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It has become evident that the future of the South African economy lies in the hands of innovative entrepreneurs. In line with this, SAB is inviting 67 entrepreneurs to pitch their start-up ideas in just 67 seconds on Mandela Day. In addition, the Girls Invent Tomorrow initiative, sponsored by Intel, is boosting the coding skills of the country’s future female business owners. Gauteng has also committed to spend R2-billion on developing ICT skills in the education sector, giving the youth of today a better chance of being the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Two scientific discoveries made headlines this week: a split-second burst of radio wave activity was detected in space; and the fossil of a new predatory dinosaur with long feathers was discovered in China, helping to shed light on how these prehistoric creatures flew.

The World Cup has been on everyone’s mind over the past month, with Germany lifting the coveted trophy on Sunday evening. Read more about the role technology played in the tournament – and the price that some companies were willing to pay to be associated with the beautiful game.

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