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In SA, cash is still king

More than 51% of South Africa's informal enterprises have encountered strong customer interest in paying by card -- but around 90% of them continue to run as cash-only businesses.

It pays to be an ICT pro in Gauteng

The best paid jobs in South Africa are those requiring ICT skills, while Gauteng workers still earn more than those in the rest of the country.

Employments prospects bleak for 2018

South African employers report conservative hiring intentions for the January-March time frame.

Isaac Mophathlane joins Crossfin board

BCX founder Isaac Mophatlane has joined the Crossfin board as director.

Intel debuts new Pentium, Celeron chips

Intel has launched all-new Intel Pentium Silver and Intel Celeron processors based on the Gemini Lake architecture. The new processors are engineered to balance performance and connectivity for the things people do every day -- working on office documents and spreadsheets, browsing online, enjoying favourite shows and movies, and editing photos

Do you know your traffic fine status?

As part of the national Festive Season Road Safety campaign, the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) will conduct "Know Your Traffic Fines Status" campaign across the country.

Mobile gamers help to beat the drought

Digitata Insights has partnered with laundry brand Sunlight on a water-saving awareness campaign that will result in the practical outcome of the delivery of 120 000 litres of potable water to the drought-stricken Western Cape.

Connect medication compliance on the rise

According to a new research report from the leading IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the market for medication compliance monitoring solutions is still in an early stage with an estimated 138 000 connected devices in use in EU28+2 at the end of 2016.

IDC checks predictions against reality

South Africa's economy continues to feel the pressure of recent credit rating downgrades and further potential downgrades looming in the future.

Where to now for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe budget 2018 aims to lure foreign direct investors, according to this analysis by Alisa Strobel, senior economist: sub-Saharan Africa, at IHS Markit.

Blue Label concludes 3G acquisition

The full acquisition of 3G Mobile by Blue Label subsidiary The Prepaid Company (TPC) has been approved by the Competition Tribunal.

Forced sales behind EOH price drop

The huge number of shares traded in EOH -- and the subsequent sharp drop in the share price -- have been tracked to a forced sale of shares by financial institutions against equity financed transactions to various individual shareholders,including two EOH directors.

Hyperscale data centre opens

Africa's first hyperscale data centre, Teraco's JB2-Bredell, will be completed by the end of 2017 -- just one year after the build started.

Huge drop in personal computing sales

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) personal computing devices (PCD) market, which is made up of desktops, notebooks, workstations, and tablets, declined 15,2% year on year in Q3 2017.

Inventor wins Hangman, scores R1m prize

Klerksdorp's Christo Rossouw has escaped the noose and has been named the winner of Cell C's thrilling reality show Hangman, walking away with R1-million prize money.

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