HP Discover, Las Vegas – Big data has been identified as one of the megatrends driving the radical change in today’s IT and, in order to address this, HP yesterday launched a new analytics platform which will enable organisations to gain better insight into their data and deliver realtime outcomes – HAVEn.

HAVEn is an acronym derived from Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security and nApps, the technologies of which provide the foundation for the new platform.

“Big data enables organisations to take advantage of the totality of their information – both internal and external – in realtime,” says George Kadifa, executive vice-president of HP Software. “It produces extremely fast decision-making, resulting in unique and innovative ways to serve customers and society. HP has the breadth and depth of both the platform and the product portfolio to assist enterprises in unleashing the power of big data.”

According to research commissioned on behalf of HP, nearly 60% of companies surveyed will spend at least 10% of their innovation budget on big data this year. The study also found, however, that more than one in three organisations have failed with a big data initiative. HP says its enhanced portfolio delivers the necessary services and solutions to facilitate the successful implementation of these initiatives, and to enable enterprises to handle the growing volume, variety, velocity and vulnerability of data that can cause these initiatives to fail.

HAVEn, the company adds, enables clients and partners to:

 Avoid vendor lock-in with an open architecture that supports a broad range of analytics tools.
 Protect investments with support for multiple virtualisation technologies.
 Speed time to value with highly optimised hardware solutions.
 Gain value from 100% of information, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, via HP’s portfolio of more than 700 connectors into HAVEn.