When companies launch a new product, they generally have a marketing plan in place in order to ensure they promote the new offering most effectively. However, regardless of how well-planned a marketing campaign is, there is very little guarantee of it reaching the right people and converting into sales.

Enter lead generation. Lead generation, the effective practice of using targeted channels to stir up customer interest in a product or service, is a tried and tested way of finding the right target audience in order to market to them, and ensure sales. However, lead generation is a niche skill and requires a massive time commitment, not to mention the monetary investment, for companies looking to do it in-house.

Louise Robinson, sales director at CG Consulting, points out that many smaller businesses cannot afford to employ their own staff for marketing in general, and lead generation specifically. And those that have the budget to retain marketing staff often do not have the time to fully utilise their services.

“The explosion of customer segments, products, media vehicles, and distribution channels has made marketing more complex, more costly, and more time consuming. We offer high level marketing services to our clients in addition to the effective use of data and lead generation campaigns to generate sales, making their lives easier by taking this involved discipline and offering them a complete service,” she explains.
“Our clients rely on us to make their lives simpler and deliver results.”

It is for this reason that J2 Software, a company providing data security solutions, uses CG Consulting.

The companies have worked together on numerous projects with CG Consulting providing J2 Software with qualified leads and meetings, as well as new marketing avenues and assistance with growth into new markets across the continent. Most recently, J2 Software has used the services of CG Consulting to effectively launch a new managed service offering called trustedbusiness.co.za.

“If it’s accurate, up to date information you need, then CG Consulting can get it for you. We have just embarked on the launch of trustedbusiness.co.za, an offering aimed at SMEs to provide them with a cost-effective, easy to manage solution to cover all their e-mail and information compliance requirements, effectively giving them the same tools that large businesses use at a more affordable price point.

“CG Consulting has provided us with exceptional advice on specific markets and contacts within the desired industries. This has dramatically shortened our go to market cycle,” says John Mc Loughlin, MD of J2 Software.

Robinson explains that over three years of working together, the two companies have established a rapport that only enhances the value that lead generation provides.

“In addition to regular meetings between our management teams, the increased insight into J2 Software’s business that we have gained through working with them over many campaigns allows us to provide an even more tailored approach,” she says.

Mc Loughlin agrees, adding that CG Consulting provided J2 Software with information and access to contacts that allowed for a far faster penetration than if the company had started from scratch.

“Even with limited time for planning the team at CG Consulting were available and ready to help,” he says. “This is a new initiative, but we have already seen growth numbers jump right from the beginning. Using the services of CG Consulting has allowed us to be in a position in month two which we had budgeted for only in month six. That’s a real return on investment.”

This, says Robinson, is all in a day’s work.

“As a valued long-term client, we will always go out of our way for J2 Software to ensure that we accommodate their needs – and even if there is a short lead time, as in this case, we will use all of our resources to get the campaign going properly, and on time. We like to say that, if done correctly, lead generation can become one of your company’s most valuable assets, and the success of this project proves that.”

“CG Consulting has proven over time that they are able to keep their promises. In the modern business environment, it is good to know that I have nothing to worry about in all our dealings with CG Consulting. They deliver on their promises, and whenever something needs attention, it gets it right away, with no compromise on the quality of service,” Mc Loughlin concludes.