Consumers who purchase any Samsung wireless or Bluetooth audio products can now receive three months free, unlimited access to the more than 20-million songs available on Simfy Africa’s online music streaming service.

“Samsung wireless audio products combine innovative design with the latest technology features that provide an enhanced entertainment experience,” says Lance Berger, head of product marketing TV/AV at Samsung SA. “The partnership with Simfy Africa takes this to the next level by giving customers access to the music they enjoy listening to with one click and at no charge.”

Says Davin Mole, CEO of Simfy Africa: “This partnership is simply a win for the consumer music experience. Samsung wireless audio products make it easy to experience Simfy Africa, at home and on-the-go with the high quality sound output from our apps.”

The special promotion has been running from the 1st June 2013 and will run to the 31st of May 2014 with the qualifying Samsung wireless and Bluetooth-enabled audio products including home theatre systems, AirTrack speaker systems, Mini Components Systems and Bluetooth speakers. To access this offer, all consumers need to do is go to the link found on the voucher, which is included inside their newly-purchased Samsung audio product, and enter their unique voucher code on Simfy Africa’s website.

“If you are new to the Simfy Africa experience you can go into any store with Samsung brand ambassadors and they will show you how easy it is to use Simfy Africa with the Samsung audio devices,” explains Ryan Birkin, chief business development officer for Simfy Africa. “Consumers get really excited when they understand that the world’s music really is available on Simfy Africa, no matter what your age or taste in music, and are always surprised at the long lost favourites they can find and listen to.”

“This partnership is about bringing consumers a new flavour of sound by combining the respective strengths of both companies – giving them a range of mobile music options through an innovative ecosystem,” adds Berger.

“The Simfy Africa experience includes organising your favourite music through playlists, finding new favourites in the latest releases, sharing those playlists and songs with friends on Facebook and Twitter, downloading music using the offline mode to listen to songs without an internet connection, and taking music with them on their smartphones or tablets through the Simfy app,” explains Mole.