Toshiba Gulf FZE has introduced the STOR.E CANVIO, its first portable external hard disk drive (HDD) to offer both up to 2Tb of storage capacity and 10Gb of free subscription to Pogoplug PC cloud storage, enabling users to access their files on the HDD using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
The new STOR.E CANVIO is the safe storage solution that can be carried easily and accessed quickly on the go.

“With today’s users capturing and storing images and video using different devices, it is very important for them to have a secure way to back up all their files together and access them conveniently,” shares Santosh Varghese, GM, Digital Products and Services, Toshiba Gulf FZE.

Weighing only 165g at its lightest, the STOR.E CANVIO which comes in five stylish colours—black, white, silver, red and blue – is a pocket-sized and travel friendly HDD. Capable of storing up to an average of 571 000 photos, 526 000 music files or 1,640 downloaded movies, it has a large capacity of up to 2Tb, making it the perfect choice for storing and backing up important files.

Through Toshiba’s partnership with Pogoplug PC cloud storage platform, users can conveniently access all their files stored on the HDD using their phone, tablet and other mobile devices anytime and anywhere as long as the STOR.E CANVIO is plugged in to a computer with Internet connection.

The STOR.E CANVIO has a USB 3.0 interface that allows for a reliably speedy transfer rate of up to 5Gb per second at 5 400 revolutions per minute (RPM). It also supports USB 2.0, and it can run on the majority of operating systems including the previous and latest versions of Mac and PC, ensuring compatibility.

Equipped with a special internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology, the STOR.E CANVIO is designed to protect files against accidental drops. It also comes with a preloaded software, the NTI Backup Now EZ – an innovative backup solution which scans the entire system to recommend the best back up storage.

Users may back up their files using the HDD itself, the free cloud storage that comes with the device, or both, completely securing files against loss, theft and corruption.