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Internet Solutions (IS) has launched allConnect, a converged data solution that offers enterprises anywhere access across multiple connectivity platforms.

This allows employees to connect to the Internet across a variety of fixed and mobile networks, using various devices, with one username and password.
Aimed at businesses, allConnect allows employees to connect via ADSL at home, public WiFi and mobile data.

The mobile data offering is not limited to a single GSM network – employees have the option of connecting, via various SIM cards, to any of the three major GSM network providers, ensuring that data speeds and reliability is not compromised. The benefit to enterprises is a truly mobile workforce that can seamlessly connect from anywhere, at any time.

“This boosts productivity and enhances customer engagement, which ensures organisations can remain competitive in the modern business environment. It is also a great perk that can be valuable for employee retention, and can differentiate a business from its competitors in the eyes of current and prospective employees,” says Brett Steingo, connectivity innovation and technology manager at IS.

“Consumer technology has become interwoven into the fabric of everyday life, and it is starting to shape the business environment too,” explains Steingo. “This means that consumers are now driving business trends like BYOD policies and the demand for consistent connectivity.”

As a result, he says, businesses are tasked with keeping up with these trends, while also finding ways to benefit from the innovation and competitive advantage that these technologies offer.

“As a solution, allConnect allows just that: it enables the modern consumer’s connected lifestyle, yet still offers benefits to both the business and the employee.”

Home ADSL and public WiFi, which is available at more than 1 200 AlwaysOn hotspots across South Africa, are uncapped. The 3G data is capped to ensure cost effectiveness and predictability with a fixed monthly package rate. However, Essential Site Access gives employees up to 500MB additional access to five mission-critical sites after reaching their cap.

“This ensures that employees are always connected when they are out of the office. They are therefore able to respond to requests in real-time and maintain access to business-related content and applications,” Steingo says.

“The solution doesn’t tie employees to a specific device or GSM operator either, which allows them to connect on both work and personal devices.”

Various allConnect packages are available. These can be easily managed to scale with employee requirements.