HP and SAP have demonstrated a test system as part of their joint initiative, “Project Kraken”, expected to improve business processes and mitigate risks for customers.

The HP server system, optimised with the in-memory SAP HANA database for SAP Business Suite, was demonstrated for the first time at the Sapphire Now conference in the US.

Project Kraken is a co-innovation effort between HP and SAP that focuses on SAP HANA, enabling customers to reduce the time required to rapidly transact, analyse and process large amounts of data within a single server.

Project Kraken’s goal is to provide customers additional choice in scalability for large, online transaction processing applications, with requirements for realtime analytical insights into this data.

This allows organisations, including retailers, financial institutions, utilities and governments, another alternative to quickly detect patterns, analyse massive data volumes on the fly, and perform their operations quickly.

The prototype system, optimised with 16 Intel Xeon processor E7 family (codenamed Ivy Bridge-EX) central processing units (CPUs) and 12Tb of memory, has been engineered specifically for complex, data-intensive workloads. These include supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data analysis.

HP and SAP chose Intel processors because of the company’s leading-edge technology that enables customers to improve system performance.

The solution leverages years of engineering and design across HP’s enterprise server business for customers that need the very highest levels of performance and availability, and where minutes of downtime can mean millions of dollars lost.

With this solution, customers can consolidate multiple online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytic processing (OLAP) databases into one vertically scalable server with improved performance. This will further the capabilities of SAP HANA, providing real-time analytics on transactional data, eliminating the need to spend time and resources moving data between environments.

“The combination of our best technologies – SAP HANA with HP Converged Infrastructure – revolutionises in-memory computing to redefine the speed at which market leaders will soon operate, to speed transactions to a matter of seconds,” says President Ntuli, business critical systems manager at HP South Africa.

“With the collaboration of HP and SAP, organisations can consolidate online transaction and analytic processing into one place and perform real-time analytics at never-before-imagined speeds, while competitors continue to move data between multiple environments to access meaningful insights at a far slower pace.”

Vishal Sikka, member of the executive board at SAP AG Technology and Innovation, adds: “With Project Kraken, HP and SAP are illustrating how customers can achieve a step jump in performance, while adding simplicity in the management of the environment.

“It shows how large enterprises can confidently run their enterprise applications, including SAP Business Suite, with growing quantities of data in shorter windows of time. This offering will fundamentally and forever change the database market.”