Security is expected to remain an IT budget priority in the coming years and, despite the effects of the recession, projected spending on security infrastructure is expected to reach $86-billion in 2016.

This according to Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire Technologies, who says security issues remain a “high priority” among corporations – and even among governments.

“Cyber attacks are becoming more and more dangerous and intrusive – and even the most sophisticated of security systems, including those run by the US government, can be breached,” Mahomed says. “Anti –attack measures need to be increasingly deployed and this is going to cost serious money.”

According to a survey from technology analytics firm Gartner, the continuing economic slowdown that has been putting pressure on IT budgets around the globe has not effected the amount of money companies continue to spend on security infrastructure, with Gartner predicting this would reach $86 billion by 2016.

And Mahomed says that this increase is reflected in the company’s own revenues.

“Security-focused sales over the past two years have accounted for around 10% of our revenue,” he says.