BYOD (bring your own device) is a subject that keeps CIOs awake at night, but with a view to combat this dilemma Blue Turtle Technologies has signed an agreement with Aruba Networks to further extend its BYOD solutions for the enterprise.

“With BYOD a given at most, if not all companies, whether they admit it or not, astute companies are looking at ways of providing controlled network access for mobile devices,” says Ronnie Koch, senior consultant at Blue Turtle. “ Securing and managing enterprise applications and data on these mobile devices without compromising individual privacy of the device owners are crucial.”

“Aruba Networks is partnering with Blue Turtle and its team of expert consultants to solve customer challenges around Mobility and BYOD with Aruba’s ClearPass Access Management System and industry leading Wireless LAN solutions,” says Matthew Barker, country manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Aruba Networks. “The partnership will ensure our customers are able to quickly create and enforce policies that extend across a multi-vendor network to devices and applications.”

Koch adds: “The ClearPass with Workspace solution allows users to onboard their own devices, organise and manage their work apps, and provision network access for their guests. This simplifies how IT creates policies to control how work applications and data are used and secured. For users, Workspace offers access to an enterprise app store and a single sign-on experience for work apps while allowing them to retain full control and privacy for personal apps and data. This control extends to as many personal devices as the user is allowed to bring onto the network.

“The application, device and network policies are all part of one system,” Koch adds. “IT has total control over enterprise apps and data, while a user’s personal information stays private and intact.”