JDA Software Group recently announced the launch of its new learning management system (LMS), accessible via JDALearn.com. Features of the new system include an improved user interface, optimised management of learning plans and enhanced self-service.

“The launch of this application on JDALearn.com is an important milestone and will pave the way for how we manage and deliver training,” says Barbara Hammond, group VP, education services, JDA Software. “More importantly, it offers customers better visibility into their training plans, advanced speed to locate their training and an improved user interface that’s easy to navigate.”

Complete with enhanced self-service, flexible payment options – such as credit card and subscription – and regional and role-based training options, the new system not only addresses common training roadblocks but also provides an unequalled, best-in-class learning environment for users.

It also enables customers, partners and JDA associates to locate training faster, view training calendars and track their training progress with immediate feedback.