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Europcar South Africa’s business-to-business (B2B) booking Web site will provide its corporate Web site users with improved ease of use, facilitation control and report accessibility.

“Europcar harnesses technology to deliver world-class solutions, letting technology take care of customers’ regular car rental needs so that they can give their full attention to what is important in terms of their own businesses,” says Dawn Nathan-Jones, CEO of Europcar SA.

“In keeping with our ‘moving your way’ promise we have been listening to our customers so that we can respond as their business needs evolve,” says Nathan-Jones.
“We understand the impact of technology on a business and therefore Europcar continually strives to deliver best-practice solutions, and keeps up with the latest innovative trends. We constantly develop and deliver products and services to address and meet the ongoing changing needs of our customers.

“Technology will never replace human interaction; instead it works hand-in hand to create an environment which is beneficial to our customer.
“The enhanced Web site is full of new features, new imagery and refreshed functionality to make our clients’ experience more user-friendly and scalable. We believe the new Web site will improve the overall customer experience, particularly our car rental solutions that are personal, enjoyable and simple for our corporate customers,” says Nathan-Jones.

The Web site will offer an improved booking engine, a modern interface, clearly presented information, improved navigation, the introduction of mapping technology, a vehicle comparison process, several features that aid search, and access to information and new administration features.

The Europcar Business-to-Business Web site tool, which is compatible with all major Web browsers, is available to all Europcar account customers, with the company providing training and assistance to all new customers via their sales team to ensure clients use the booking tool to their best advantage.

The upgraded portal is accessible from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.