Amid increasing levels of identity fraud, cybercrime and espionage, businesses are looking to technology to protect resources and help them forge a tighter relationship with their customers.
Management at Ideco, an established leader in the application of biometric technology and Southern Africa’s primary distributor of Morpho fingerprint biometric solutions, says there is an increase in adoption of biometric verification technology at customer-centric points in business.

The company refers to areas like POS (Point of Sale), points of delivery and front-of-office where there is a definite opportunity to engage customers.
Marius Coetzee, CEO at Ideco, explains that there is a very sound business case for the implementation of customer authentication across many industries and sectors.

“Biometric verification is non-intrusive, quick and accurate. It leads to fast and accurate decision making in business, which is always beneficial. Positively identifying your customers reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions,” says Coetzee.

Biometric technology involves fully certified fingerprint readers which evidence can be used in a Court of Law. Transaction details can also be integrated with existing customer systems.
Data collated through the system is verified by the National Centre for Certified Identities and/or credit bureaus.

“This technology is also compatible with Home Affairs’ Online Fingerprint Verification service and is based on open standards to ensure interoperability and secure a growth path” Coetzee adds.

This infrastructure deployment is backed up by Ideco expertise and support.

“We have a proven track record in biometric service delivery and its application in commerce. Identification and relevant technology is a growing area of the ICT sector – specifically in terms of its significance to security and security systems.”