Etisalat Group and Samsung have signed a deal that will see Samsung supply telecommunications technology within Etisalat’s 15 operating countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
“By securing this innovative partnership, we are benefiting communities in our operating countries and helping provide a richer communications experience,” says Rainer Rathgeber, chief commercial officer at Etisalat Group.
“Our customers will have a plentiful supply of Samsung’s cutting-edge mobile technology and some products will get to the market quicker than before.”

Rathgeber signed the memorandum of understanding at a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea, week with Sunghak Jang, vice-president: Samsung Mobile business, Middle East and Africa. The agreement promises co-operation in areas such as product release, pricing, sales, public relations and marketing, distribution and joint events.

“The markets Etisalat operates within represent significant areas of growth for Samsung in the coming years, and we look forward to strengthening this partnership across MENA and Asia,” says Jang.
“We of course anticipate increased sales and deeper mobile penetration, as well as all the benefits that come with technological development – like increased prosperity – in many of Etisalat’s markets.”

As a result of the deal, Samsung will deliver a wider range of products to Etisalat that will give customers more choice and priority access to popular models. The partners will also team up for road shows, workshops and product launches.

Obaid Bokisha, chief procurement officer at Etisalat Group, says: “The Samsung brand is known all over the world and associated with popular mobile phones, smart phones and tablets – and innovation in general. We look forward to attracting customers by promoting these products throughout our global operations and providing them with an even more valuable service.”