mapIT, leading international digital mapping partner throughout Africa, has released the latest Census 2011 data into their location-based business intelligence application, MarketScope.

The Census 2011 was a complex and massive exercise undertaken by Stats SA, it required mapping the entire country, mobilising and training a huge number of enumerators, canvassing all households to participate, collecting individual information, compiling vast amounts of completed questionnaires, and analysing the data.

mapIT have taken this vast amount of Census 2011 data and disseminated it down to key attributes and now offers this as an additional layer in MarketScope, includes data for race, age, gender, income, education, language, employment status, household size and total population within the local and district municipality boundaries.

“This inclusion of the Census data offers enterprise and government a comprehensive geo-spatial snapshot of their operations to allow planning, benchmarking and market analyses. It’s a virtual replication of reality,” says Etienne Louw, MD of mapIT.

MarketScope’s four-module application geo-codes, imports, integrates and overlays proprietary information – customer, store, supplier and logistical data and third-party demographic research including Census 2011 – onto a digital map for analysis and display in a geo-spatial context.

Another new feature is the drive time analysis (DTA), which determines a drive time zone, the distance that be travelled through the road network in the given time. The tool selects a driving time according to the nature of a business and how much time people would probably be willing to spend in their cars to get to this location.

Louw adds, “To ensure accurate analyses results, MarketScope comes standard with TomTom’s high quality mapping data.”

Over the past 20 years TomTom has developed the world’s most extensive digital mapping database, which includes for Africa over 10-million km of roads and 2-million POIs (points of interest).