Panda Security has released its 2014 range of retail solutions: Panda Global Protection 2014; Panda Internet Security 2014; and Panda Antivirus Pro 2014.

A major innovation in the Retail 2014 range is multi-platform protection for Mac and Android, in addition to Windows.

Designed to provide complete protection with minimum impact on PC performance, the new range leverages the extensive benefits of cloud-based security to tackle all types of digital threats: viruses, hackers, online fraud, and identity theft, as well as known and unknown threats.

“The new Retail 2014 range includes enhanced scanning, detection and disinfection so that users can ensure their online identities are completely secure,” says Dominic Richardson, marketing manager for Panda Security South Africa.

“Ultimately, these solutions are easy to use, light and secure and built on Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence system which has extended its coverage to the multi-platform world, thanks to the features included in Panda Global Protection 2014.”

Jeremy Matthews, country manager, Panda Security, elaborates. “During the first six months of the year, 17% more malware samples were created than for the same period last year, evidence that the degree of danger is increasing every month.

“Recently, Panda Security has observed an increase in attacks on mobile platforms, with Android being the cyber-criminal’s preferred mobile operating system – though these attacks remain significantly fewer than those against PCs. Furthermore, there is evidence that an increasing number of Trojans and other malware are taking advantage of such devices to infect PCs when they connect to them,” he adds.

Innovations included in Panda Security’s 2014 Retail range include multi-platform protection offered by Panda Global Protection 2014 for Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8); Mac, and Apple’s mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), and Android (tablets, smartphones and smart TV).

Designed for users with advanced needs, Panda Global Protection 2014 enhances the features that have made this solution one of the best security suites on the market, by providing higher protection against unknown malware and increasing the degree of disinfection of aggressive malware such as ransomware or rogues which hijack computers or personal files.

The identity protection, anti-spam, parental control, backup, remote access, optimisation, file encryption and password management modules have also been optimised.

The 2014 edition of both Panda Internet Security and Panda Antivirus Pro boost their capabilities against viruses, hackers and other threats. Panda Internet Security 2014 also provides options to protect the family, the user’s identify and user data through parental control, remote access, removal of spam and backup with file restore, and other features.

Furthermore, despite Panda Antivirus Pro being the most basic solution in the range, it’s still much more than just a simple antivirus. It also provides rapid and intuitive protection and includes a firewall, virtual keyboard, home network management, rescue kit and multimedia options, among other features.