A recent study found that almost 8-million South Africans connect to the Internet using their cell phones, with nearly 2,5-million of those subscribers having no other means of accessing the Internet.

With the number of Internet users expected to double by 2016, mobile broadband is the next logical step for Afrihost. Afrihost will be offering affordable Internet to the growing number of mobile users in South Africa.

Using MTN’s far-reaching mobile network infrastructure (which covers most of the South African population), Afrihost aims to deliver a blow to high mobile data prices, as well as to inflexible and complicated mobile data contracts.

Afrihost mobile clients will be able to enjoy a month-to-month service policy, as well as an easy and painless RICA procedure.

Afrihost will also introduce top-ups at rates which are in line with their normal mobile data costs. In addition, clients will be able to manage their mobile data from ClientZone.