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SpamTitan Technologies has announced the launch of WebTitan Cloud, a powerful Web content filtering service that helps businesses control Internet usage in their organisations. Requiring no on-premise software, WebTitan Cloud is easy to set up and manage and is completely scalable.
This allows organisations to easily create unique policies that protect them from malware, phishing and viruses, in addition to blocking access to unsuitable material such as pornography, hate speech and mature Web sites on all devices connected to their networks.

“The Internet is a powerful and necessary business tool, but it can also prove distracting for employees and dangerous for organisations, as malware and phishing attacks become widespread. This is why it’s important for companies to carefully manage their security, which can be daunting whether they have 30 or 3 000 employees.

“WebTitan Cloud is easy to install, highly scalable, and can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes. By using the WebTitan Cloud filtering service, IT departments can keep a tight control over which Web sites can be accessed in their organisations and when, helping maintain a secure and productive Web environment,” says Ronan Kavanagh CEO of SpamTitan Technologies.

WebTitan Cloud was developed by SpamTitan Technologies, which has been offering enterprise-class security solutions to SMBs for over 15 years. Specifically developed with flexibility and scalability in mind, WebTitan Cloud protects all Internet-connected devices within an organisation.

Thanks to its cloud delivery, there is no need to install any local software, making deployment easy and fast.

Key features include:
* Monitor and control Web site access and Internet use across the organisation;
* Block access to specific Web sites and data types;
* Ability to enforce Web use policies on sites with dynamic content through the use of multiple categories for a single Web site URL;
* DNS based filtering, removing latency issues;
* Web-based application filtering;
* White and blacklists;
* Customisable end-user permissions;
* Ability to create rules limiting access to non-work-related Web sites to specific times;
* Realtime organisational browsing view;
* 53 Web site categories to choose from; and
* Indefinitely scalable and always available, regardless of location.