Far South Networks, the Cape Town-based developer of next generation communication solutions, has added new features to its Com.X5 integrated access gateway which has been specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises.
The ComX.5 platform now includes an X.21 hardware interface which allows SMMEs to connect to Telkom’s Diginet service which provides a substantially more reliable interconnect for VOIP services compared to ADSL. The platform also provides an interface to LTE, the so called “4G” GSM interface.

The Com.X5 still provides support for wired networks (analogue and ISDN) and wireless networks (WiFi and GSM/3G).

“The Com.X5 now integrates a full suite of WAN or Broadband IP interfaces,” says Far South Networks’ CEO Grant Broomhall. “Voice and data technology is constantly evolving and our goal is to keep our customers abreast of the technology changes that make doing business easier.”

A unique feature of all Com.X products is the ability to provide customers with a low cost, technology ‘lite’ option or a feature-rich Integrated Access SIP Gateway product. A simple license upgrade provides users with the complete PBX feature set. The beauty of this technology is that companies do not have to throw out their older PBX systems to gain voice and data convergence.

Com.X5 supports companies’ legacy systems while at the same time allowing them to grow into the new environment. In both cases the need for a separate router and firewall are done away with as they are already built into the platform.

Features unique to all Com.X(G) Integrated Access Gateways include on-device call recording and “budget router” functionality which ensures optimal monthly usage of any monthly contact minutes, for example legacy “premicell” LCR contracts.

The Com.X5 replaces the popular Com.X1 and complements a suite of products that includes the Com.X10 and Com.X2. In the year since its release Far South has shipped over 1500 Com.X5 units, suggesting that small businesses are realising that this platform is robust, cost effective and simple to integrate into their ICT environment.