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Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced that its cloud operating system, FusionSphere 3.0, scored a total of 4 687 points in the SPECvirt_sc2010 benchmark of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), outscoring other mainstream cloud operating systems in the evaluation results.
The SPECvirt_sc2010 is the industry’s first benchmark addressing performance evaluation of data centre servers used in virtualised server consolidation and since its establishment it has always been one of the most important selection criteria for equipment purchases.

According to the evaluation results published by SPEC, FusionSphere 3.0 outscored other mainstream cloud operating systems by running a total number of 288 virtual machines and 48 computing blocks.

These results beat those recorded by FusionSphere 2.0, which scored 3895 points / 40 computing block, when measured on the same hardware platform by the end of 2012. The significant improvement in performance within less than a year is a testament to Huawei’s strong research and development proficiency in the cloud computing domain and its unwavering commitment to ICT innovation.

Huawei’s FusionSphere enables virtualisation of physical computing, storage, network, and security resources to provide elastic resource pools, achieving unified management and scheduling. With a one-click application deployment function, the FushionSphere features an efficient operation and maintenance system by adopting visualised service templates.

As an open and converged platform, the FusionSphere features Huawei’s extended application programming interfaces (APIs) and is compatible with OpenStack APIs.

It can manage heterogeneous physical infrastructure as well as hypervisors and management software and supporting disaster recovery and backup operations. These features help enhance IT system agility, improving overall service system reliability and IT operational efficiency.

“Huawei has been making significant investments into the innovation and development of our own cloud operating systems,” says Ren Zhipeng, president of Cloud Computing in the IT Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise.

“Until now the performance of FusionSphere is already exceeding the mainstream level of the industry and has been widely recognised by global customers. The excellent benchmark results of FusionSphere 3.0 in SPECvirt_sc2010 benchmark have proven that FusionSphere is an optimal platform for enterprises to build their cloud computing based infrastructure.”

According to research, virtualisation, one of the core cloud technologies, will have exponential growth potential within the next few years. For instance, the virtualisation rate of X86 servers in China will increase from a current rate of 10% to 70% by 2016.

As of 2012, Huawei’s cloud operating systems have been adopted by over 200 customers in 42 countries. These customers come from a number of industries including government, public utilities, telecommunications, energy, finance, transportation, healthcare, education, broadcasting, media and manufacturing.