In a bid to expand its operations into Africa, Sage South Africa has launched Sage HR Africa, a new business unit for HR and payroll software and services in Africa.
Sage HR Africa is a joint venture between Sage VIP and Sage Pastel Payroll & HR’s international divisions.

“By uniting the two divisions we can better leverage the Sage brand which is well known and respected in Africa,” says Anton van Heerden, MD of Sage VIP and Sage Pastel Payroll & HR. “As a united force we believe we can be more successful on the continent by consolidating our infrastructure and developing a mutual business partner network.”

Sage HR Africa will be a developer, implementer and support provider of HR and payroll management software and services for any size of business in Africa. The business unit will operate in 35 African countries and together with an extensive business partner network they will be able to assist with installation, training and on-site support.

“The Sage HR Africa team is serious about delivering excellent customer service,” says Van Heerden. “They are experts in their field and have been developing innovative software and services for more than 28 years.”
Heading up Sage HR Africa will be Gerhard Hartman, previously head of the International Division at Sage VIP.

“Our business requires someone with a passion for the development and implementation of technology focused HR and payroll solutions, who understands the complexity of business in Africa and is able to spearhead the growth of the business,” says Van Heerden.

“Gerhard brings with him a key understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the African market, as well as a wealth of experience in tailor-making HR and payroll solutions to customers with very specific business needs. Gerhard is therefore the perfect fit for the position as Head of Sage HR Africa.”

Sage HR Africa’s product line includes Sage Pastel Partner Payroll & HR (for start-up and small businesses) and Sage VIP Premier Payroll & HR (for medium to large businesses and enterprises). The two products complement each other well and present a comprehensive offering.

Hartman says: “These solutions are cost-effective, easy-to-use and will cater for the growth of any business in Africa by providing the perfect fit for their unique business requirements.”

In addition to the extensive business partner network, customers will also have access to a dedicated call centre that offers expert advice. “The business partners will also have to complete a rigorous annual certification programme, ensuring that customers will at all times enjoy the best local support available,” says Hartman.

“Sage remains at the forefront of HR and payroll legislative changes and with the new unit we will continue to provide the African market with legislative compliant software solutions in conjunction with government and local authorities,” adds Hartman.

Sage HR Africa will join forces with Sage ERP Africa and Sage Pastel Accounting in opening a new office in Lagos, Nigeria. “I am excited about our company’s continuous expansion into Africa,” says Hartman.

“We appreciate the importance of having a local presence and employing local people. We look forward to working with the rest of the Sage South Africa team to strengthen our position on the continent even further.”