Looking to provide South Africans with more affordable, faster and more reliable mobile broadband, Afrihost will this week launch a slew of low-cost mobile data packages.
Topping the list of new packages to be launched on 5 September is Afrihost’s Mobile Three limited offering of 10Gb at R197 per month – an effective R19,70 per gigabyte, the company says.
Clients will receive 3Gb + 7Gb free Anytime Data on their package, which is guaranteed until 30 November 2013. Thereafter the offer will be revised or extended.

Along with the R22-million in value Afrihost has already given back to clients in free MiFis and Pre-Order Bundle Data, Afrihost will be giving a further R22-million rand in data savings to people who sign up for their launch offerings.

Each client signing up for Afrihost’s next offering – Mobile Two – will receive R1 782 in data savings over the six month offer, while clients opting for Mobile Three will save R2 079 each over the promised three month period.

Both the Mobile Two and Mobile Three packages will be offered on a limited basis, the company stresses as it is heavily subsiding the product. The signups will be on a first come first served basis, until stocks run out.

Afrihost’s says its Mobile Data Network (powered by MTN) delivers rock solid mobile broadband, backed by top-notch service and a 60 Day Double-Money-Back Guarantee (on normal data products – Mobile Devices and special bundles are not included) . Afrihost’s HSPA+ and LTE ready Mobile Network has extensive coverage in major cities and smaller towns, as well as most national roads.

Afrihost introduces standard Topup rates at just R99 per Gb, as opposed to Out-Of-Bundle Data charges, with no complicated contracts – all Afrihost Mobile Data products will be month-to-month. Afrihost will provide free SIM cards and delivery for new signups, and new clients need only produce their RICA documents when the courier arrives with their selected product.

Existing MTN contract clients will now have the option of using Afrihost’s Access Point (APN) on their current SIM cards should they opt for that package configuration.

Afrihost says it will soon be introducing a range of mobile devices so that clients can get the best out of their new data. Afrihost currently offers a Huawei E5331 HSPA+ 3G MiFi device for just R996, which allows you to create a Mobile WiFi Hotspot wherever you are.