Telkom Internet has launched free anytime data for specific social networking services. It has also announced free data for subscribers between 00:00 and 06:00 am daily, while the capacity of all Telkom Internet packages of 5Gb or more will be doubled at no additional charge.
The new offers were effective from 1 September. The enhancement to its SoftCap 5Gb and higher offerings to include free specific social networking and the Night Surfer are available until 31 March 2014.

Under free social networking offering, customers will be able to use the full functionality of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, 24 hours a day, without incurring costs from their in-bundle data. Customers can also make use of the instant messaging chat clients on WhatsApp; Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk without incurring additional charges.

The offer does not however extend to video streaming such as YouTube videos or links to other web sites via these platforms. Once a user reaches his SoftCap limit, the social networking services and night surfer will also be subject to SoftCap.

“Social networks are extremely popular communication platforms and we understand that our customers need to constantly interact and be engaged, hence their relationship with these platforms. This offer empowers our customers to access the information they want from the platform of their choice,” says Manelisa Mavuso, MD of Telkom’s Consumer and Retail Services Division.

“I believe that free data access to social networking is a game-changer as we are giving our customers free and greater choice in what is fast becoming a preferred communications platform” he adds.

Telkom will also double the capacity of its 5Gb or more internet packages from 1 September 2013 until 31 March 2014. For customers on 1 Gb packages the option to upgrade to a 5Gb package means an additional 5Gb as well as the promotion for social networking and Night Surfer.

“We are enhancing our value proposition to truly differentiate our broadband offerings to satisfy the customer’s growing appetite for media rich online content, thus enabling our residential customers to download and watch more movies, and music and so forth, this sort of innovation is in-line with our strategy to deliver a great value and seamless connected home experience,” Mavuso says.