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Juniper Networks has appointed SecureData Africa as a value-added distributor for South Africa and Authorised Education Partner (AEP) for sub-Sahara Africa.
“We are very excited about the addition of a world-class partner to our vendor solutions offering, such as Juniper Networks” says Wayne Olsen, chief technology officer at SecureData Africa.

“Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation and has been instrumental in changing the way that networks are regarded in the industry. Its strength in the data centre space will do much to enhance our network solutions offering.
“In addition, becoming an Authorised Education Partner allows marketing funds to be channelled more effectively and establishes a single point of contact to interact with and train the market not only more effectively, but also as simply as possible,” he adds.

“Partners are a fundamentally important part of Juniper’s go-to-market strategy, so we take a lot of care to select and nurture the right ones for each region.
“The growth potential in the African high-performance networking market is significant, and Juniper looks forward to partnering with SecureData to build the best for our shared customers here,” says Mario Georgiou, area partner director: Middle East and Africa at Juniper Networks.