Sharp Middle East FZE, part of Sharp Corporation, brings the world’s largest commercially available television, the 90-inch AQUOS LED to the South African market. The much anticipated product, Sharp’s 90-inch wall of entertainment is a breath-taking marvel of technology, which weighs a mere 64kg, and roughly measures 2m in width, and 1,2m in height with a diagonal screen size of more than 2,2m (90-inches).
The 90-inch AQUOS LED TV will be available through Sharp’s official distribution network across South Africa.

Sharp, a leader in the large-size TV segment, has taken the regional market by storm and has reached a market share of more than 60 percent for the 60-inches and above TV segment.

“With thousands of televisions sold across the region, and a very strong appetite amongst South African customers for modern technology, we believe the 90-inch AQUOS LED TV completes our product offering in South Africa, now ranging from 60-inch to 90-inch TVs,” says Tsuneyoshi Miyake, DGM Consumer Electronics Division at Sharp Middle East FZE.

As the innovator of LCD technology, which is the basis of modern day LCD and LED TVs, Sharp’s unique proposition is leading the demand in the region for the large-screen TV segment.

“What differentiates us from our competition is our lead and superiority in LED/LCD technology, which together with our brand values, help us offer consumers state-of-the-art products priced to meet their aspirations,” explains Rohit Khot, DGM Sales at Sharp’s Consumer Electronics Division at Sharp Middle East FZE.

Sharp is pioneering cost-effective LED TV productions from its Sakai plant in Japan, where the company has the world’s only tenth generation LCD factory.

The 90-inch AQUOS LED TV, with its X-Gen Panel Technology, will feature a number of differentiating characteristics, including:
* The X 10 the panel. The result is a superb image contrast quality, at much lower power consumption);
* UV2A Technology: Sharp uses a method in which UV light controls liquid crystal molecules to ensure uniform alignment. The result is a high precision picture and a deep black & fantastic white at Pico meter level;
* Every AQUOS SMART TV comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. This means you no longer need to worry about cables and connections;
* Our Mobile HD Link (MHL) connects your mobile with your Sharp TV and uses the TV’s remote to control mobile apps and content. When connected to the system, your mobile receives power and is charged;
* Sharp lets you switch from 3D to 2D anytime you want;
* Get up close and personal with the new television – 1080p HD resolution means you don’t have to sit as far away from your AQUOS LED TV for optimum viewing as with other televisions;
* Generation Panel: It has a wider aperture ratio which allows easy light transmission through;
* Depending on your room ambiance, your AQUOS TV will automatically adjust TV brightness for optimum viewing, which can also save power. Sharp Optical Picture Control (OPC) uses a sensor in front of your TV to detect ambient room light;
* The world’s most advanced and green friendly manufacturing system: AQUOS LED TVs require fewer resources to manufacture thanks to the SDP ,10th Generation LCD manufacturing complex, which employs a centralised energy management system that helps estimate usage volumes and optimise operations. The centralised energy management system reduces CO2 emissions by 48,000 tons per year.