Digital lifestyle focused ICT distributor, Esquire Technologies, is about to launch the next generation range of its Geeko tablets for children – this time aiming at toddlers and children up to the ages of 12.
This comes after the successful launch of its first generation range, in June last year –which was followed up by the launch of its Geeko ranges such as the Junior, Velocity, Premium and Geeko Smart tablets, in the first quarter of this year.

The new kiddies tablets from Esquire will come in a funky range of colours, including pink, green, orange and blue and is currently in production – and will be ready just in time for the Festive season and “Back to School” in 2014.

Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire, said the latest edition to its Geeko tablet range also comes in a fully enclosed rubberised casing, to prevent accidental damage to the units as “kids will always be kids”.
“we think the casings will be tough enough to withstand even the most vigorous and rambunctious toddler,” he quipps.

“From e-books to educational apps the new tablets give parents the ability to control which app they want their children to use – with full parental control.

“This means that they can regulate how much time children can play with the tablets and once the time is up, the tablet is automatically shut down. When it comes time to play again, parents will have to enter their password in order to activate the device.”

Mahomed says the web-site is also undergoing a complete makeover that will include a dedicated Kids App Store to provide a new market play for apps and games – besides the generic Android store, Google Play.

The new Geeko tablets will run the Android JellyBean OS (4.1), has a 7-inch 170 ppi display, a 3-megapixel rear camera and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing one.

“Our Geeko range of tablets is selling well and we believe this extended toddlers and kiddies range will be just as successful. With the research we have done we found that many parents are purchasing our other units for toddlers as well, because they are affordable – so this version is dedicated to this market.”

Since the launch of its first generation 5-inch, 7-inch and 9-inch Geeko tablets, Esquire has sold more than 10 000 units collectively in the market.

The Geeko range, says Mahomed, will be available from Esquire’s 12 000 resellers in South Africa and neighbouring countries – as well as from the 400 Virtual Reseller Network e-commerce on-line stores being run by the company in South Africa.