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Securicom, a specialist provider of managed IT security solutions, has partnered with Clikit Media to distribute its comprehensive e-mail security and content management solution, ePurifier, and its robust e-mail archiving and business continuity service, MailVault, in southern Africa.
Securicom’s powerful e-mail solutions are a good fit with Clikit Media which distributes best of breed marketing and new media solutions to the small and medium enterprises market via a well-established channel that incorporates partners across the media, marketing and information technology spectrums.

The company is the exclusive distributor of the Rocketseed suite of e-mail media and marketing solutions to the SME market in Southern Africa. Focusing exclusively on SMEs , the company provides advice, and cost effective products, solutions and strategies to help businesses grow.

Commenting on the partnership, Securicom’s Richard Broeke says: “Securicom embraces a partner model to develop solid competencies within a network of credible partners that enable companies to activate and leverage technologies to optimise their business.

“We are excited about working with Clikit Media to extend our suite of e-mail security and archiving solutions to small and medium sized companies in South Africa. The company has a sound reputation for delivering value-adding business solutions and strategies, and their experience within the SME sector will complement our existing channel.”

ePurifier is a feature-rich cloud-based e-mail security and content management solution that provides unprecedented control and visibility of e-mail.

It is based on best-of-breed scanning and security technologies which are packaged as an integrated solution to protect against internet threats, reduce spam, eliminate viruses, prevent phishing, and stop the circulation of inappropriate material based on individual companies’ specific rules.

The solution offers ease-of-integration with other corporate systems, with all the functionality typically associated with on-premise e-mail content management systems. With e-Purifier, companies have total control of the management and flow of e-mail, with the ability to define their own rule-sets. The system gives companies 360 degree visibility of company e-mail, with drill-down, analysis and reporting capabilities.

Securicom MailVault is a smart, simple and reliable e-mail archiving and business continuity solution.

The solution provides reliable, realtime back up of electronic communication; a central archive of incoming, outgoing and internal electronic messages; easy access to corporate e-mail messages at all times using any Web-enabled device; compliance with the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act, and business continuity in the event of an e-mail system failure.

MailVault features a Plug-in which integrates with corporate e-mail clients and allows users to continue accessing and working with e-mails, using their usual e-mail interface, even when the server is down.

Henry Jonker, MD at Clikit Media, says: “Securicom’s e-mail solutions are a great fit within our product portfolio and allow us to complement our innovative e-mail media and marketing offering with effective security and archiving solutions.

“With Securicom, we can answer to the growing demand from our customers for effective e-mail archiving and security, both of which are crucial for any company which leverages e-mail as a business communication and marketing tool.”