In March of this year, Vox Telecom announced that its satellite broadband service, YahClick, had signed its one thousandth customer – and now that number of been tripled, says YahClick project manager Jacques Visser.
“The results have been wonderful, but in a way, not surprising,” Visser says. “This is the only product that offers fast and reliable Internet to users in rural areas – customers are very eager to sign up and start reaping the benefits.”

YahClick launched in 2012 as a fast, affordable connectivity alternative in areas where users do not have access to a reliable Internet service, such as farms, game lodges or private homes. It is also used effectively as a back-up solution for companies that experience poor connectivity due to external factors, such as cable theft.

The installation requires a satellite dish and a router – comparable to a DSTV installation – and is cost effective. YahClick customers often couple the service with other products, such as the Vox Supafone or Guardian Eye, a remote monitoring service that uses bandwidth to secure premises at night, when the connection is idle.

“The reason we grew so quickly was because our customers are our best marketers,” Visser says. “Word travels fast in the countryside and as soon as one person signs up and starts surfing the Internet, everyone starts enquiring about it.”