Computer Storage Services (CSSI) has announced the release of its real time remote data recovery service. Now, should a client experience a data loss event, hard drive crash or data corruption, a CSSI engineer can remote log-in and recover the data onsite.
CSSI has developed the tools, applications and remote data recovery tools to allow the recovery of data in realtime. With this service offering, a secure and encrypted connection is setup to the affected device or PC on the client side, an assessment is performed within minutes and the recovery can commence almost immediately no matter where in the world the client is based.

CSSI, a former winner of the Ministers Award for technological development in the data recovery field and who have pioneered the ability to reconstruct data from defective sectors has taken a leap forward by improving service efficiency and its DR offering by allowing on-site assessments and the ability to recover more than half of data recovery cases without the client having to ship or deliver the devices to one of its five advanced recovery labs based in South Africa and Europe.

With its recovery engine technology an engineer located at one of the CSSI offices can connects with a secure virtual link. Once the analysis is concluded, any necessary reconstruction of data, databases, files or from failed RAID arrays can be completed without having to move the device, server or storage device.

Furthermore, recoveries that could take days to complete in our labs, can be now concluded in hours, and in some instances successful recoveries have been completed within minutes.

According to James Grcic, CSSI MD, “The offering is unique, allows us to load our data recovery technology into the memory on the device and save hours in costs and protects the infrastructure or servers as they do not have to be removed or transported. It also is more secure, as no data leaves the site and all data remains on the client premises,” he adds.

During the trial period, conventional recovery which took on average three to five days to complete, can be completed in about 40% of the time required, as each engineer is dedicated to the data recovery job at hand from start to finish.

CSSI has successfully used its real time recovery software to recover failed data from failed RAID systems, corrupted exchanged databases, SAN, NAS and DAS storage devices. CSSI concludes the even cases of corrupted images, voice log files and documents have been recovered and restored in front of the client’s eyes.