Master Data Management is the South African partner for Trillium Software, who have announced an alliance with Collibra, a provider of data governance software, to address the increasing demand for data governance initiatives. This alliance provides companies with a practical and cost effective approach to enable their data governance programmes.
The new South African Companies Act assigns responsibility for Information Governance to the Board. This has increased the visibility of data governance initiatives, yet companies are still struggling to implement governance and maintain initial momentum.

“You only get one chance to get Data Governance right. Most governance programs fizzle out because of a lack of actionable insight. This partnership addresses that issue, bridging the gap between business and IT,” says Master Data Management’s Gary Allemann.

A key finding from the 2012 MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York is that a comprehensive, one vendor solution for data governance does not exist. Analyst Rajan Chandras recommends that companies ‘build up a portfolio of solutions’ to meet their needs.

The Trillium Software/Collibra alliance combines focused data governance and data quality management toolsets, allowing clients to create both a holistic, contextual view of the data to drive business process improvement and manage risk.

“Data Quality, master data management and regulatory compliance are driving the demand for data governance projects today yet the lack of effective data governance is one of the main reasons why these very initiatives fail,” says Benny Verhaeghe, vice president of sales and marketing at Collibra.

“By combining Trillium Software’s best-of-breed data quality solutions with Collibra’s leading data governance software, we can together provide customers with a powerful integrated solution for data quality management.”

The integration between the Trillium Software System and Collibra’s Data Governance Centre will enable customers to add policies to business rules management by business stakeholders.

This will make data profiling results more easily accessible by business people and provide traceability between business rules, data assets, systems and business definitions, as well as address issue management resolution.

This combination provides customers with a focused solution and eliminates the need to invest in unnecessary components that may be bundled with broader options.

“The impact of data governance has made data quality more relevant than ever to the business user, who requires increased accessibility and visibility into data and information,” says David Pietropaolo, VP of global alliances at Trillium Software.

“By combining Collibra’s Data Governance Centre with our solution, customers can continuously control, improve and achieve the benefits of having high quality data and information to drive better results for their business processes.”